Precious jewellery pieces that capture moments in time.
Each piece tells a beautiful story about your loved one -
their name, their fingerprint or their hand or footprints.
Captured forever in beautiful Sterling Silver or 9ct Gold.

4cm, 3cm, 2cm Circle Linked Sterling Silver
3 Pendants Linked together

Please supply my pendant on a:

Back Engraving

1a: 2cm FRONT Engraving:

1b: 2cm BACK Engraving (if selected):

2a: 3cm FRONT Engraving:

2b: 3cm BACK Engraving (If selected):

3a: 4cm FRONT Engraving:

3b: 4cm BACK Engraving (if selected):


Product Description

This 2cm, 3cm and 4cm  CIRCLE linked pendants are handcrafted in Sterling Silver.

The front of the pendant features deep engraving beautifully spaced around the botton of the pendant.
     The 2cm size pendant fits upto 10 characters on the front and same on back.
     The 3cm size pendant fits upto 15 characters on the front and same on back.
     The 4cm size pendant fits upto 20 characters on the front and same on back.

Sterling Silver Pendants are supplied on a 45cm Chain, however you can select a longer chain length if required.

SIZE GUIDE (approx only)
2cm is a $2 coin 2.5cm is a $1 coin,
3cm is similar to a 20 cent coin 3.5cm is similar to a 50 cent piece
and 4cm is similar to a lid of a 2 Ltr Milk lid*.
(*Please check sizes with a ruler)
All jewellery takes between 2-3weeks to be ready for delivery.

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